Monday, June 9, 2008

Research Abstracts Examine the Effect of Sleep on School Performance

Research abstracts being presented as poster presentations this morning at SLEEP 2008 are describing the link between sleep and school performance.

One study (ID# 0199) found that different sleep variables affect the school performance of students in junior high, high school and college. In junior high, the complaint of restless legs/aching legs is more common in students with a lower grade-point average (GPA). Daytime sleepiness is more likely to affect the performance of high school students. Insomnia has the most negative effect on the GPA of college students.

A related study of adult college students (ID# 0709) found that insomnia complaints are significantly associated with lower GPAs. Students with lower GPAs were more likely to have trouble falling asleep, report waking at night and have trouble going back to sleep.

A study of 824 undergraduate students (ID# 0728) found that students who are “morning types” (preferring to wake up early) are more likely to have better grades than students who are “evening types” (preferring to stay up late).

The SLEEP 2008 abstract book is available online at

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  1. Not only school performance, it also affect adults and their work performance, it is frustrating when one cant seem to get a good night sleep, and not only one night, night after night dont been able to fall asleep.