Monday, June 8, 2009

Lecture Addresses Sleep & the Military

Invited lecturer Dr. Thomas J. Balkin, chief of the department of behavioral biology at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, is speaking this afternoon on “Science for the Sleepy Soldier.” He is focusing on the problems faced by soldiers during continuous military operations.

Earlier this year the U.S. Army Medical Command proposed changes to current Army sleep guidelines. The draft proposal recommends that U.S. soldiers in combat zones get seven to eight hours of sleep each night; current guidelines suggest that soldiers get at least four hours of sleep each day when deployed. Read
a report on the Sleep Education Blog.

Another report on the Sleep Education Blog indicates that the U.S. Navy is taking a high-tech approach in addressing issues related to sleep cycles and sleep deprivation. It is testing the
Fatigue Avoidance Scheduling Tool software, or FAST. This system helps predict performance over time based on sleep and work schedules. Read the full report.


  1. Yes, the Fatigue Avoidance Scheduling Tool is now being widely used by both the military and the private sector. Check out the articles referenced in this blog for good info. However, the information on obtaining FAST was out of date. If you want the Software, go to

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